TIFF loves tees!

I’ve always loved tees. An awesome graphic tee can be worn so many ways! You can make a one-of-a-kind tee really pop with a stylish blazer, jeans, heels and a designer bag. You can add some personality to any workout outfit with a killer tee that will make you stand out at the gym, or yoga studio. A stylish oversized tee can make an awesome cover up at the pool or beach side. The perfect ringer tee can easily become your favorite comfort tee to wear on a rough day.

 I’m basically describing myself here, and the use of my enormous tee collection. Aside from hand painting jean jackets, journals and luxury designer hand bags, I also love creating my own designs for tees. I’ve always been attracted to the prefect blend of “street fashion meets luxury”, what a beautiful relationship that is! As an adult who spent a lot of time in the corporate world, I feel like tees don’t get as much love as they did when I was younger, but the fact is, tees are so easy to wear and they can be super flattering and comfy.

Today I introduce 3 new awesome tee designs with a contest to win a free tee on my Instagram. If you want to be informed about my contests for FREE AWESOMENESS, make sure you’re following me on TikTok and Instagram. My username for both social media sites, is @tiffstudios.

Summer is creeping up on us and we have also introduced crop tops, crop sweatshirts, men’s tank tops and more. Each week we are rolling out new merch so be sure to always keep an eye out on our website!

Love you bunches!


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